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Insect, Bed Bug, and Mosquito Bite Symptoms and Relief

Mosquito Bite Relief

To offer relief from mosquito bites, we have to understand what causes them to make us itch. We do know that the body reacts to the protein in the mosquito’s saliva. When a mosquito bites you, your body responds by producing histamine. Histamine is a protein that, when released, causes itching and swelling.  

There are many methods of mosquito bite relief. Using a cold compress can help reduce swelling. For additional comfort, many have turned to the array of TriCalm anti-itch products for mosquito bite relief.  

TriCalm Anti-Itch Cream

TriCalm can stop the itch from a mosquito bite and help prevent additional irritation and scarring caused by scratching. Because TriCalm is steroid-free, it’s safe to use as often as needed.  

Bed Bug Bite Relief

Bed bug symptoms  may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days after the initial bite to begin itching. The bed bug bites can appear on their own, or in clusters or lines.  They may appear as raised bumps or flat welts, and symptoms can last anywhere between one and two weeks. Itchy bed bug bites have been known to cause people to lose sleep and increase anxiety, especially if they suffer from repeated bites. 

Using TriCalm hydrogel, cream, or spray will help to relieve bed bug symptoms by stopping the itching and scratching.  

TriCalm Itch Relief Cream

The fast-acting itch relief will soothe the bites, helping you and your family get much needed comfort while you get rid of the bed bugs. It’s safe to use as often as you need since TriCalm products are steroid-free.

Bee, Wasp and Hornet Stings:
When a bee stings, the stinger enters the  body and releases venom, causing pain and sometimes an allergic reaction. The majority of reactions to bee stings are limited to localized swelling or welts.  Most bee sting experiences are only minor itching or pain, though in some cases, a severe allergic reaction to bee stings could lead to shock. Only a small percentage of people actually develop a severe reaction to insect bites or stings. 

Fire Ant Bites and Stings:
When a fire ant’s nest is disturbed, they will bite and sting multiple times. Symptoms of fire ant bites and stings are typically groups of swollen red welts that blister, itch, burn and sting. These welts can cause discomfort for about a week. 

Spider Bites:
Most spider bites are generally mild and can cause some pain, swelling and irritation. These mild spider bite symptoms include red, itchy, and swollen bumps on the skin. The pain shouldn’t be any more intense than a bee sting. If you develop severe spider bite symptoms you should seek medical attention immediately, as some spider bites can be deadly. 

The range of TriCalm anti-itch products is designed to soothe irritated skin - from mosquito bite relief, to calming bed bug bite symptoms, and easing other insect stings. If you find that cleaning and icing these insect bites are not offering the comfort you need, you can find fast-acting relief in the TriCalm product range. 

TriCalm Anti-Itch Spray

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