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New Clinical Research Finds TriCalm® Hydrogel’s Itch Relief Significantly Superior to Leading OTC Treatments

May 5, 2015

San Diego, CA – A study conducted to assess the antipruritic effect of over-the-counter (OTC) steroid-free topical hydrogel formulation, TriCalm®, in reducing itch intensity and duration, has been published in Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology. The study, which utilized a cowhage itch model, concluded that TriCalm hydrogel is significantly superior to diphenhydramine 2% and hydrocortisone 1%.

“The results of this study are a testament to TriCalm’s value as the most effective over-the-counter itch relief treatment,” said Sean Edwards, President and CEO, Cosmederm Bioscience, Inc. “They validate our claim that TriCalm is more effective at relieving itch than hydrocortisone 1%, providing fast-acting itch relief without the potential side effects of steroid-based creams.”

TriCalm was tested against two objectives: first, to assess the anti-itch effect in reducing intensity and duration of itch, and second, to compare TriCalm’s effectiveness against typical anti-itch products containing diphenhydramine 2% and hydrocortisone 1% active ingredients.

This double-blinded, vehicle-controlled, randomized, crossover study recorded itch intensity and duration in 48 healthy subjects before and after skin treatment with TriCalm hydrogel, diphenhydramine 2%, hydrocortisone 1%, and hydrogel vehicle, used as a control.

TriCalm hydrogel produced the highest itch reduction in all three areas measured: itch intensity, itch duration, and total itch perceived – a combined measure of both intensity and duration that represented the overall itch experienced by the subject. Conclusively, the study found that TriCalm hydrogel was six times more effective than diphenhydramine 2%, and eight times more effective than hydrocortisone 1% at reducing the sensation of itch on the subjects’ skin.

Itch is the most common complaint in dermatology clinics. The study was designed to demonstrate effective, steroid-free itch relief.The complete results of the study are available online here (opens in new tab).

TriCalm is available at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid, online and in stores nationwide.

About Cosmederm Bioscience

Cosmederm Bioscience, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on the development of uniquely potent topical dermatological products. We develop innovative, science-driven solutions for itch and pain management. Our family of patented anti-irritation technologies forms the basis for our offerings in OTC itch relief, cosmeceuticals, and Rx drug development. Cosmederm is bringing new science to unmet needs, and leading the way in solving itch.


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