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TriCalm in the News

June 29, 2015—San Diego, CA—Cosmederm Bioscience, Inc. today announced the expansion of its itch-relief product line, TriCalm®, with the new TriCalm Clinical Repair Cream and TriCalm Extra Strength...
June 23, 2015 – San Diego, CA – Cosmederm Bioscience, Inc. today announced ItchFreeZone.com, a new resource for all things itch. ItchFreeZone is dedicated to addressing this often-debilitating...
May 5, 2015 – San Diego, CA – A study conducted to assess the antipruritic effect of over-the-counter (OTC) steroid-free topical hydrogel formulation, TriCalm®, in reducing itch intensity and...
January 9, 2015—San Diego, CA—Cosmederm Bioscience has appointed Kristine Foss as the Vice President of Regulatory and Quality. Foss will be responsible for leading and managing the Cosmederm team in...
Steroid-Free Anti-Itch TriCalm Receives NEA Seal of Acceptance October 16, 2014—San Diego, CA—Everyone knows how frustrating the itch of an insect bite can be, but imagine if that itch lasted for...
October 13, 2014—San Diego, CA—Cosmederm Bioscience has announced that UK-based Woodford Investment Management is investing $50 million into Cosmederm Bioscience. “We are thrilled about this...


A Mom’s Take; October 13, 2014

“Purchase your own tube of TriCalm and be prepared for this winter!”

Mama Smith’s Blog; October 6, 2014

Theresa’s Mixed Nuts; November 11, 2013

“The ability to reach for TriCalm over a product containing steroids would definitely be my first choice as a mom.”

Textbook Mommy; November 9, 2013

“I was blown away at how nicely it went on, how quickly it dried and most importantly the relief we felt almost right away.”

; August 15, 2013

“I liked the gel consistency very much. It was nice. Not oily and rubbed well into the skin.”

The Great Mum Adventure; August 9, 2013

“Within seconds of using the TriCalm gel on a itchy patch of skin and an insect bite, I was finding myself itch-free (and it was glorious!).”

Carinn, The SIMPLE Moms; August 1, 2013

“If you get a reaction…try over-the-counter remedies…I liked TriCalm.”

At Home: When Pruning Beware Poisonous Plants; July 18, 2013

“[Dr. Gilbert] also recommends Tricalm, a steroid-free gel.”

Monday Morning M.D.: How to Treat Mosquito Bites; June 24, 2013

“I have found that TriCalm is useful for my patients with minor skin irritations and it allows me to avoid the potential side effects of steroids such as lightening and thinning of the skin and blood vessel overgrowth.”

Understanding and Treating Itchy Skin With TriCalm; June 20, 2013

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